Bill Blucher

Boat time with Grandpa

My father grew up going to Lake Tahoe every Summer to escape the Sacramento heat with his family. Our summer vacations were always spent at the same cabin he went to as a kid where he shared his love of fishing, kayaking, and boating with my siblings and I. I was about 5 when he brought home our first boat. Every Summer we would hook up the boat, and head to Tahoe for 3 weeks where we would tub, learn to ski, and take the boat across the lake to check out Emerald Bay. This past year, my father was diagnosed with cancer and went through 7 weeks of radiation. He is now cancer free and we could not be more grateful! This picture captures my father, nephew, and niece in our new boat on Lake Tahoe last summer. Though it was a difficult year, when we got out onto the lake we were together as a family and that is all that mattered! I can’t wait for our family vacation this year to create more memories at Lake Tahoe that means so much to our family.