bill milne sr.

franconia notch loop hike

I wanted to hike a part of the appalachian trail in new hampshire and a few of my friends could not make the trip. So i asked my father if he would take me, without hesitation he said yes. i have been on a few mountain hikes with my friends so i was up for the challenge(it is a 4 mountain hike) but wasnt sure how dad would do. We planned the hike together, and he kept telling me, its not if we make it, but that we would try to do this challenge together. After we made it to the second mountain top, i could see he was having a hard time. I suggested we go back down, and he said, we are half way done, so either way we would have to do 2 more mountains whether we turned around, or kept going. i could see he was in pain, blistered feet, cramping up. He claimed that he died 3 times that day, it is a hike for experienced hikers, and needless to say we made it, we were both a lil banged up that day, but it was worth it and will be a day i remember forever, Thank you Dad