Brett Myers

Whatsup, Dawg?

There are connections with humans but when it comes to unconditional love…everyone needs a dog. There are so many legendary and memorable moments between a man and his fur child. Camping, at the lake, throwing the ball in the yard or house or just having your loyal friend sitting by your feet. Oscar who is now 12 years old lives for playing ball with his Dad. German Shepherds aren’t typically water dogs…someone forgot to let Oscar know that. The days of jumping onto our Orvis seat hammock, going to the lake, looking into each others eyes where Oscar is saying, please Dad, please Dad, throw it now so I can get it, proudly bring it back to you to do it again are sadly becoming fewer. The love between a man and his dog will live on forever. Brett is the best Dog-Dad there is and Oscar the best fur-kid! Oscar lives for the day, the hour and the moments he gets to spend with his Dog Dad, Brett!