Bruce Thomas (my husband)

Bruce and Ben

This is my husband, not my dad, with our son, Ben, when he was 3-4 years old (26-27 years ago). Not good with computers, having trouble uploading pictures from a fishing trip they are CURRENTLY on with other family members — would love you to see Ben and Bruce and the gang today, I can send via email if you like! This has been a YEARLY fishing trip with ‘the guys’ for over 20 years: my husband, Bruce, his brother Jim, Jim’s son Jason, and now a grandson, Jackson. Trips yearly to Lake Powell, primitive camping, but this year they rented a cabin at Lake Oahe in South Dakota due to low water at Powell. Bruce and Jim are lifelong fishermen, raised in rural Oklahoma, and our boys (other son missing this year due to having COVID) love fishing with them. I am grateful that these fathers spend time with their sons and it shows — all are Good Men now, Good Citizens in their communities and I know these trips have contributed! Oh the stories! — weather, the fishing (not necessarily catching), magpies getting into pork chops, morning coffee and breakfast, forgetting a seat on the boat and using a lawn chair, but most of all, being together and sharing all the outdoors has to offer for renewing and recharging, making you humble, and remembering what’s really important — Dads and Sons being together. Oh so grateful. And thank you for allowing me to GLOW about my men!