Calvin Cobb

Bonding on the Appalachian Trail

Father, son, mother and grandmother drove two vehicles a few hours from our home in Millville, NJ to the Appalachian Trail Headquarters near Harpers Ferry WV. Leaving the pickup at the headquarters mother drove us back to where the trail crosses the Pennsylvania- Maryland border. From there the women drove for a time of shopping and home while the two of us started our hike of about 50 miles across Maryland and into WV. Our trip took us four days and three nights carrying our freeze dried food, water purification supplies, bedding, clothing, toilet paper and a small shovel. We took turns following the white blazes on the rocks and trees and sought out springs for fresh cool water. The first night we camped near a church youth group and joined in their singing. Daily we saw stunning vistas on the edge of the mountains, visited a monument to George Washington, a few other historic sites and quiet camping. Weverton Cliffs gave us our final spectacular view and we descended several hundred feet via multiple switchbacks to the end of our time on the trail . On blistered feet dad and I trudged into Harpers Ferry where we picked up a short ride to the AT headquarters and our ride home. We stopped off for a much needed shower and clean clothes at a nearby campground. A three hour drive to our comfortable beds at home finished off the trip. One that we will never forget.