Chris Dutton

11’ Great Hammerhead Surf City N.C.

I am the tattooed father in the center of the picture. I was fishing with my family from the beach in Surf City, N.C. where I was able to experience this moment with my amazing 10 year old daughter, Helayna. We hooked up to this 11 foot great hammerhead female at approximately 6:30 pm Tuesday May 31st 2021. It took four grown men to get this amazing animal to the beach where we were able to safely land the fish, get a super quick picture and then wade her back out into the waves while the three of us held her. She rested long enough to get her strength back before a strong tail whip shot her over the sandbar and back into deep water again. This was such an incredible father daughter bonding experience that we will never forget thanks to the great outdoors and Mother Nature.