Chuck Toal

Fishing the Deerfield

My brother my dad & I floated the snake river in WY. In late November (just before thanksgiving) we we’re having a few beers & not catching fish when my brother drifted the boat sideways into a rock. The boat bumped, my brother & I turned around and my dad was gone. He was mid cast when we bumped the rock and over the side of the Hyde he went. My brother was on the oars, he scrambled to the back of the boat and grabbed my dad by the straps of the waders and helped pull him back into the boat, we were all a little shook by the whole experience, the water is cold in the snake in late November and we were floating a 7mile stretch that day. After getting our 62yr old father out of his water logged waders and into some dry clothes we were all able to laugh about the experience. We grew up in the country, my dad taught us how to deal with the elements, and be prepared for almost every situation and in the end it kept us all above water and continues yo help me navigate the waters of my life. That was 10yrs ago, the 3 of us still meet every year somewhere in the country to fish a new river and tell lies and fish stories around a campfire. but we definitely tell that one every year. Cheers to you dad, thanks for the lessons! We love you.