Dave Foran

Sea Isle Fishing Fun!

This moment captured by my cousin Nate was pretty great! My wife (Beth) and I had our first son (Brooks) a month earlier! My dad, son, cousin (Nate) and I got to spend the day fishing the inlet at Sea Isle, NJ! It was officially my sons first fishing trip and Nate ended up catching a big ray! My dad is one of the most hardworking, caring and thoughtful person I know! It’s moments like this that I’ll cherish forever! He is my hero! Over the years, him and my mom taught me so much about what being a dad should look like and I can’t thank them enough for that! Although I may be biased, he still owns the best cheesesteak shop in Camp Hill, PA called Philadelphia Steaks & Hoagies! If you’ve been there you probably heard about us catching this ray while he grilled up your steak.