David Brown

Daddy and Me

I have lots of memories growing up with my dad. He was a high school baseball coach when I was younger, so there was a lot of time spent together on the baseball diamond. I would go with him to the baseball fields and drive around on the tracker (that’s how I learned to drive). As I grew older, my dad coached my softball and basketball teams. He would always bring me a cheeseburger and Dr. Pepper before basketball practice (I don’t know how I never threw up)! During the summertime, we would go for morning workouts 3 days a week at the high school he taught at (followed by breakfast at McDonald’s)! He helped me keep track of my strength workouts and increases. I played softball up until middle school, and basketball until high school, as I wanted to focus on volleyball. I felt like that broke my dad’s heart, because he had been my coach for many years. He enjoyed watching my volleyball development throughout high school and two years in college. I will never forget all the childhood memories with my dad and will cherish them forever. He was the best coach I EVER had!