David DeHaan

Favorite Fishing Memory with Dad!

For my undergraduate studies, I attended a university in Southern Florida. The day before my graduation in 2021, my father and I went out for one last saltwater fishing excursion before I moved back to Michigan, where I was born and raised. Fishing has always been an interest that we love and share together. I was already feeling melancholy about moving out of South Florida, let alone knowing this would be my last time fishing the turquoise waters off its coast for a little while. As if the sea knew how I felt, my father and I had an unforgettable fishing experience. We reeled in Mahi, Bonita, Wahoos, and Tuna. But most memorable of all was the 130 lbs sailfish I brought in (unfortunately my dad was busy taking my picture with the sailfish and we don’t have any together with it). It was a fantastic day spent together on the water and the most memorable way to end the 4 years I spent in South Florida.