Donald Gulbicki

Warm sunrise on a cool fall morning

There are too many memories and so many fishing trips that it is impossible to select just one memory or photo. Instead this picture represents all of those “moments in time” that I have spent fishing with my father. Thousands of hours fishing, amazing experiences, and being present with someone who is passionate about this hobby and who also happens to be your father, best friend and mentor. It’s not just about catching that next fish (although that is important) it’s about the connection and bond you form with family, friends and nature. Two and a half years ago my father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He was unable to fish and do many other activities as he went through chemo and immunotherapy to give him a better quality of life. There were many dark days in the beginning but my father fought hard and the miracle of modern medicine has given him more time with us. When faced with our own mortality we suddenly start to look at life’s moments a little differently. I never took any of my time with my father for granted but each moment we have shared since his diagnoses has been more than special to me and I am so grateful. To all the Orvis followers reading this, give your father or father figure a big hug this Father’s Day and hold it longer than you normally would… live in that moment. That moment, like this picture, represents so much more!