Walking to the Eagle

In July of 2021, I took a trip to Colorado to meet my sister and our Dad for my very first fly fishing adventure. That adventure started as my plane landed in Aspen, and my phone turned on to a selfie of my dad with a blood covered face with the caption “I’m okay”. How did this happen you ask? He of course was retrieving a snagged $2 fly and slipped and fell face first into the river hitting his head and ribs on the rocks below. You can’t see the pain in this picture, but with every step, every cast, every painful breath he took, he still managed to push through. I learned how to fly fish that trip. This picture was taken on the walk to the river where I caught my first trout (on a fly my dad tied). I hope to have many more adventures with my amazing dad. He has taught me so much, and there is still so much more to learn!