Gustavo Colin

Good equipment better man

Last month was the first time in my life (41 years) taking a father son trip with my dad. He’s been an amazing provider always gave me what I needed in life along with the lessons each man should learn. We’ve always shared a love for fishing despite being different in so many other ways. When I turned 19 I moved away for school then started a family and whenever we would see each other it was in a family setting for traditional celebrations; this year I decided to do something different and take our first solo trip to start a new tradition going forward. I took him to North east Idaho to fly fish for our first time ever (we always bait fish) along the snake river with stops in Wyoming and Montana. It was one of the best moments of my life and his as well we became closer and agreed it would be an annual tradition going forward and when my 3 boys are old enough they’ll join and I’ll pass down the lessons he gave me.