Jack Knight

Morning man in Charlotte for years~

My father awoke at 4:00a.m. every day for 20 years! My best memory is of him coming upstairs and singing to me to wake me up..and he was GOOD! He then went to the radio station in Charlotte and talked, joked and sang everyone into work. He always mentioned my sister’s and me by name so that all of my friends at school would say ” I heard your dad say your name this morning!” It made me feel proud. 🙂 He was involved in many organizations such as the National Cerebral palsy org, toastmasters and a public speaker. As perks, we were able to get free hotels, campers, events, etc. I was very proud of my father. He made a difference in many people’s lives..especially mine. He passed in 2004 4 months after his 1st grandbaby was born. I loved him very much~~