James kastner

Fathers always full of luv & hugs!

There are far too many life adventures to mention! I know how quickly life can be taken away from my loved ones, (husband died young from battling cancer for 3 yrs, my best friend from tradgic burns enroute to hospital car wreck, and fav uncle to suicide….and so many others).I cherish and thank God for everyday I get to open my eyes each am. The life learning lessons, conversations/lectures, challenges, rewards, help, are expressions from my rock, my strength, my role model, and my love and my hero. Life wouldn’t be the same without him and that’s why he’s the best father I could ever be blessed with! ❤️ I thank you for saving my life and I’ll never forget or thank you enough for. Esp. From falling off a 20 foot cliff, to almost succumbing to the drowning, then a huge tree scrapped my head/spine and bent my tricycle in half, shovel hit above eye! Wow!! All I can say is God and you had a different plan for my life & future and I wasn’t going to Heaven with you both as my true life protection, my saviors!!