Jed Cavadas

Troy and Dad on Lake Erie

My name is Troy Cavadas and I’m a 12 year old kid from Columbia Station, Ohio. This is a picture of my dad and I on our dingy by our marina in Sandusky Ohio. Going on rides together is my favorite thing to do with my dad. He taught me how to drive it when I was little and now I’m getting my boating license so I can do it by myself. My mom and I were ordering him more of his favorite pants for Fathers day with the SPF 50 he wears every weekend at the boat. We were in a burn accident in 2019 with third degree burns, and both by dads legs were grafted and he can’t be in the sun. He loves the Orvis pants because they protect his legs from the sun, are cool and dry super fast. These are the best! Thank you Troy Cavadas