Jim Ciccarelli

Jim & Cal tying flies

I’m submitting on behalf of my boyfriend Jim, father to Cal (11), who teaches fly fishing and fly tying classes for kids and families through Shredder Outdoors in Denver. He sacrifices a lot of his fly fishing time to teach others, but does so with the same passion and interest as when he is fishing on his own. He always exudes respect for the sport, from presenting a well-tied fly to a fish, to taking care of his gear and sharing it with his son and others. He models respect seeking out and catching fish, showing an example of respect for the environment as well as a great deal of care and admiration towards it. He truly embodies the fine-tuned character of an exceptional and highly experienced fly fisherman, whether in an hour long class or a full-day hiking a creek, he is class act on and off the water, teaching both his son and educating all ages of students.