Joe Brown

Best fishing trip ever!

I was 8 years old and my dad snuck me away from baseball practice to go fishing. I picked out a huge Creek chub lure that my dad told me would scare away all the fish. So he went about 100 yards from me with his fly rod. My 3rd cast landed right next to an old duck blind. I let it sit for about 30 seconds like my dad had taught me. I then twitched it and the water exploded and the fight was on! My dad was running as fast as he could to try and help me. The 10 lb bass jumped out of the water 6 times, trying to shake the hook loose. By the time he got to me, I had it pulled out about 30 feet from the bank, shaking and telling my dad it was a monster! Best day of my and his life, he later told me. He got it mounted for me, 53 years later, I still have it on my wall.