Joe E Wheeley

Summer vacations

Every summer our amazing parents would pack their unairconditioned Chevrolet, load it with groceries and supplies and their 4 children, including me, the youngest, to drive 6 hours to the cool weather and beautiful mountains of northern New Mexico. We stayed in a rustic cabin outside of Red River, and our father taught at least 2 -:) of us a lifetime love of hiking and river fishing for trout. The river water was ice cold and a welcome change from the summer heat of the Texas Panhandle. The air was fresh and invigorating. Daddy would have loved Orvis shirts, but sadly he passed away in 2008. Wonderfully, his love of nature and the great outdoors including fishing and hiking, has been passed on to his grandchildren. 🎣 🥾. If he were alive today, we would all would happily purchase him an Orvis hat and shirt for Father’s Day.