John Brosnan

Celebrating Father’s Day lunch

There is no one moment that stands out as a memory with my dad. He was left to raise and care for me and my older brother alone when we were barely in just in junior high. My memories of him are doctoring us when we were hurt or sick. Always making us know we were loved and the most important part of his life. He worked full time at the local power plant, coached our baseball teams, taught us to team rope, cook, and be responsible and respectful. Helped us with our Ag competition animals, taught us the art of welding, took us hunting and fishing. I don’t know when he slept, or found the energy, because he was always there for us. He started us with a foundation in church when we were young. He taught us how to learn from our mistakes. He put his life on hold until we graduated from high school. Then he met and married our stepmom that helped balance our family out. He took in her daughter at a young age and has raised her the same way he did us. He loves unconditionally. He helps our neighbors when they ask for help. All my friends growing up knew they could go to him. My dad is my cowboy dad hero, I wish all kids could grow up with a dad as great as ours. To say we are blessed to have him is an understatement.