John Coyle

"The fish doesn't know his name"

Our most memorable adventure is our recent fishing trip with my daughter Katy! It was her first time and she had such a blast! Katy was very proud of her brand new barbie fishing pole that dad had bought her, and on her first cast EVER she hooked into a foot long catfish! We were struggling to get it in so we handed it off to dad and he saved the day. Once he had it out of the water she said “Hello fish, what’s your name?”. The fish made that noise that catfish make (I have no idea what it’s called) and she just looks at it, wild eyed. She asks again, getting the same response and cries out “Daddy!!! The fish doesn’t know what his name is!! Why doesn’t he know his name?” Of course everyone got a good laugh and made memories that will last a lifetime. We still can’t believe that’s what she got on her first cast. Katy loves her dad more than anyone or anything, and he feels the same way about her. I’m glad to see her grow a love for the outdoors with him.