John Krueger

Can't imagine my world without him.

Because of how my dad is, everything has been memorable. The loss of my oldest brother and seeing my dad openly cry hard. I’d never seen this. Made me really understand him and life…and death. Our family has seen some very rough times. And myself and my dad both going through so many medical issues. But he has been the most strong and loving example as how a father should be. I don’t think I could even come close to the example and examples as to how to be. But this picture I sent. It was a time I’ve needed yet put off forever. We finally were both physically good enough at the same time to attempt taking my little 2-man boat out. He likes to fish but was never where he ever knew or learned actual bass fishing. That is my main hobby. I’ve bought him rods and reels and tackle, tried to teach and show him, but we had never actually been bass fishing together in any boat. I asked, he agreed to go, so we went on day. Nice bass lake for a small boat. About an hour from his house. We fished for just a few hours, about all either of us could physically handle at that time. He tried but struggled fishing like me. I tried to show and help. Pointed to areas he should throw at with the lure or bait I’d tied on for him. It wasn’t a very good weather day. Strong north winds and pretty cool. But I did hook and catch the only bite we had tha day. And as we loaded up the boat and tackle to leave he asked me was I going to keep the fish. I told him I was going to weigh it and get a few pictures and then release it. Scales said 7-13. And then he told me he didn’t know how to take pictures with these new phones lol. I told him that he was going to hold the fish and I was going to take the pictures. Then he asked well how are people going to know you caught it. I looked at him and said dad, I really don’t care. The picture is for me. The fish can go back in the water. This is a memory I’ll never forget. I’m still hoping we can still go again together. We both have too many medical issues that it’s just hard to both be ok at the same time. I had this picture blown up and 2 made One is in my book of my fish pictures and the other is hanging on the wall in my parents house. I’ve luckily been blessed with so many great memories with my dad. I wish every person out there could have been as blessed as me. But this one time fishing, the picture of him holding my fish, it was just an amazing thing for me. And why I sent this picture in.