John Slevira

Spring Hill, Montana 2017

I’m writing this for my son. In 2015 our son, Oliver, suffered a massive stroke leaving half of his body very weak. My husband , was the calm in our storm. Born and raised in a quiet town like Belgrade Montana, he always approached challenges wisely and calmly. The first time we took the kids out West, my son still could not walk. My husband carried him and held his hand up mountains, rocks, waterfalls, Etc. The second time we took our kids out West, my son could finally walk. This photo of my husband and son walking independently under the big sky where my husband was raised will forever be a core memory for my entire family. He will still carry my son on his shoulders up hills and mountains when his legs tire out, even though Oliver is now 7.5, no questions asked. Amazing Dad. Amazing kid. Amazing memory.