Before wading in

A recent trip with Dad to the McCloud River near Shasta brought us to a place of memories. For several years now I have found solace in fly fishing, more than ever. Meanwhile, Dad has found himself fishing less…not for lack of wanting…just busy. We sat in the bank, reading the water, watching for signs, flipping rocks. I said, “We should sit a while longer, let our nerves calm, and study the river a bit more…before wading in”. “That is good advice…for many things in life”, he said. He seemed genuinely impressed by many of the little tips and tricks I had picked up in the last several years. I explained a few hours later, about what to do “before wading in”, is something he shared with me…years back. It was a great trip on a very special river. We took this photo at the end of the day, at the cabin near the trailhead. My Dad, what he has given me in love, an example of giving kindness, and patience is unfathomable to me. I owe so much of everything good in my life to his words and lessons.