LeRoy C Heaton

Stringer of Boys and Fish

Dad was not a fisherman. Born in 1925, his was hard work and killing rabbits on the farm. It was the boys who introduced Dad to the wiggly worm to Dad. He did teach us the love of Nature, Outdoors, and the “you kill it, you eat it” ethic as he was a very young man growing up through the Great Depression. He lost his Dad when he was 10 and had a gun accident at tender age of 14 and lost an eye which normally a young man anger against the world but he a turned lemon into lemonade entertaining many a youth with his “fake eye” antics by taking his eye out of the socket and show he could find deer by looking around trees with his eye in his hand without exposing his head. “Fake eye” antics thrilled many a generation of youngsters. I later became an Alaskan fishing guide and enjoyed helping Dad catch his first wild King salmon on the Yentna River when he was 85 years senior. We lost father a short time ago but his 6 children will never loose their memories of his “Earth” tutelage. Love you Dad.