My Dad and my Son.

One day my Dad decided that he wanted to spend more time with his grandson doing what my son loved to do, hunting and camping. This started when my son was 12. Now he’s 33. Here in Hawaii we’ve hunted sheep, goats, hogs and our favorite axis deer. And we’ve had some incredible adventures together. My Dad watched over my son’s shoulder as he took his first buck over 30″ in the last minutes of fading light. One time having the old man with us forced our stock to slow down which actually helped us setup a perfect shot. This picture was our 2017 season, my Dad was 90 years old. These aren’t the biggest bucks they’ve harvested together but this was the last time we all hunted together. My Dad is still with us but due to his age he’s had to hang up his boots. He has to be content with memories and hearing the stories of the hunt.