Mel Froemming

Two Generations Carry On Tradition

My father passed years ago. My father in law has been there for me for 15 years. He, a retired farmer, and I, an insurance marketer don’t have much in common on paper. However, he’s taught me to shoot my first deer (borrowed his ‘63 Winchester), identify the nuances of white pine vs red pine, split wood without nailing my shins and stack wood by species for the winter outdoor stove. He’s taught my son how to fish and identify annual tracks. I have confidence being the 5th generation to own his land someday where those 250 acres begin and end. Every Saturday is another lesson in being a good man taught from him. Family, faith, fishing. A respite from my days spent talking ROI & advertising budgets. “A man without a woods has nothing” he always says, and after my Saturdays spent in central WI with him, I am now a firm believer.