Michael Burton

A hike worth more than gold

We took a fishing trip to Prince William Sound in Alaska. My dad is getting older and struggles with walking on uneven ground. We wanted to hike to an old gold mine and had to take a raft from our boat to get to the island to begin our hike. It was a grueling hike for him and there were many times where he could have and should have stopped. He kept going, maybe it was because he did not want to sit on the trail alone since he was afraid a bear might find him as an easy target. We made it to the mine and he was exhausted. I saw how when it was hard he kept going, kept fighting and did not give up. He showed me that day that no matter how hard the trail is ahead of you keep pushing forward and the reward at the end is worth it. Just like the miners of the past digging through stone, breaking drill bits and other machines they kept digging until they found their gold. This photo is worth more than gold to me. It is a lesson from my dad to never give up. Keep moving forward through our trials and the reward in the end will be wonderful. Thanks for the lesson dad. I love you.