Mike DeVan

WV Hearing Aids

My Dad always makes us laugh. It’s his nature. Spending countless weekends and holidays at my Dads cabin near Snowshoe Mountain for the last 24 years has provided countless, priceless memories and experiences. Due to the high elevation, we didn’t have to worry about mosquitoes and insects and were able to open up all the doors and windows and enjoy nature all day and night long without any hesitation. I’ve never seen more bright stars and clearer nights. We would sleep outside under the stars – in awe of the night sky’s beauty. Unpolluted from ambient light or noise. Skiing Cup Run (a black diamond) with family and friends on his 70th bday to oyster roasts and bbq in the backyard overlooking the majestic WV hills, will forever go down as priceless, outdoor family memories with my Dad.