Mike Robins

First Big Adventure At The Zoo

My father and my little girl are best buddies, of course grandparents get all the fun parts of parenting! She absolutely loves animals and being outside, so he took her to the zoo for the first time this May, it was actually her first big outing ever due to the pandemic and her health. They watched animal documentaries together non stop from the time he told her he was taking her until we went (bless his heart!) Both of them had a blast, she was in awe of all of all the people and animals, she also got a big kick out of riding the train! The reptile house was the highlight, he took her around and told her about each of them, holding her up so that she could see. On our way out he stopped and paid for her to get an airbrush “tattoo”, she showed it to everyone we passed and was so proud of it. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful father who’s always there for us and makes our lives better! Thank you dad for your non stop love and commitment, I love you! Happy fathers day Orvis!