Mike Young

Magical moment

My Dad love to chase those Wiley roosters all over the plains of eastern Colorado and Nebraska w his trusty lab Cabo leading the way. His health started deteriorating fast in the last couple years. He suffered from major COPD and eventually was on oxygen 100% of the time. He could barely get up off the couch to make it to the bathroom. He never ever lost his spirit or attitude. I knew my time with him was limited. We talked about how he wished he could have done one last hunt. My good friend Dave and I came up with a plan to get him out one last time. With multiple oxygen tanks, hoses and other medical equipment we headed to Yuma Colorado. The goal was one last rooster for Dad. Half way through the day we realized it was not likely to happen. Then a gift from above came. Snow and wind came out of nowhere covering the ground in an hours time. The birds were holding and in protected cover out of the corn. We had Dad blocking the end of a long plum thicket and a rooster flush his direction. I heard the one shot and down went the rooster with Cabo in route. We ran over to Dad wrapped in oxygen hoses and had a huge group hug! Mission completed. The good luck didn’t end. We managed to get Dad two more bonus roosters to complete our limit. He passed not long after.