Norman Russell

Happiness is Being a Daddy’s Girl

It’s hard to pick just one memorable adventure, as every adventure with my dad is a favorite. Every year growing up, my dad would take our family to Russell Brook, where we would camp in the woods, explore nature, swim, go on hikes and spend amazing quality time with each other. It was during these times that my dad shared with me his best life advice and words of wisdom and encouragement that I still use and think of to this day. Life was hectic, but for those weekends at the Brook, time slowed down. This year, my dad turned 70 and I’ve made it my mission to enjoy the great outdoors with him every minute I can. Life is short, time isn’t forgiving and I feel so fortunate to have a built in best friend with my dad. Just as your motto says, ‘surprising and delighting’ my dad with a token from his favorite store would be so special. Seriously, my dad spends HOURS each day browsing on your site and saving things to his cart. He doesn’t check out with those items most of the time, as a household project or bill come first. My dad always puts everyone and everything before him, I would love to finally give HIM something!