Patrick Breen

Keep an eye on the boys out their.

My dad was a self taught fly fisherman. He talked about how this show from his youth, Gadabout Gaddis just looked so inspiring to him. In college he found his auto biography in the library and read about all his experiences saltwater fishing and fly fishing. After he read the book he just had to get a fly rod. His girlfriend at the time now wife of 47 years purchase him his first fly rod. To this day he still gets a little choked up when he tells the story. I can remember fishing every vacation growing up. My mom loved the photo opportunities and we all loved the outdoors. He started taking us out fly fishing when my youngest brother was about 4. He would be holding on to him by the cheap PVC wader straps as the water would sweep my younger brothers feet out from under him. Being from a family of teachers and social workers, the time off has allowed us time to venture out still to this day. The image provided is from a memorial weekend trip a couple of years ago to the Montauk Lighthouse for some Striper and Bluefish fly fishing. To this day 40 years after I was born, we still make time to get out fly fishing as a father and his three boys and soon enough we will be able to start including our kids too.