Paul Misischia

Let's Rock!

Wow! I’ve always have done a lot with my dad. When I was little, he was the one who did everything with me. We searched for frogs in the creek, we played sports outside, and he would always take me to the yearly fair. As I got older, in my high school years, he would drive me to school. Well, let me tell you how cool he is. First of all, I listen to heavy metal and hard rock. Every time, we’d get into his car, I would put on some heavy music and he would crank it up so loud, everyone could here. My most memorable adventure with him has to be the time he took me to a White Zombie concert. We had seats far away and the pit was downstairs. I wanted to go to the pit, but we didn’t have the white wristbands to get in. So, I had an idea! I took the white wrapper off a straw and wrapped it on my wrist. I showed my dad and he laughed. We both wrapped the straw wrapper on our wrist and flashed it real fast to the security guards. To my amazement, it worked!!! We spent the rest of the night, down in the mosh pit, at the White Zombie concert. I will never forget this time that we spent together. It was Awesome! My dad is Awesome!!