Ray W. Rigby

My Dad loves me!

My Dad lived to 96 years old. He was always so adventurous and willing to try anything. This photo was taken of us in the 80s in Hawaii. He took all of his seven children and our spouses for an amazing two-week trip together. This was a memorial trip because not only were we all together but my father served in WWII and he wanted to see Pearl Harbor and tell us all of his memories of the war. I remember that we were all emotional listening to how Pearl Harbor was attacked and he immediately wanted to enlist in the Air Corps. A plane was on a training mission and crash landed. My father was supposed to be on that plane so my mother thought he was dead and ran to the base. When she saw him, they ran to each other and embraced. He loved America, he loved his family, and he was dedicated to the end. I miss him, his hugs, and his continued reinforcement of how I should do all I can to support this land of freedom.