Richard Wallace

Father/Daughter duo w/Montana 'bow

Fishing with my father is a treasured experience. Dad is approaching 80 years “young” and is a cancer survivor. He is a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend to many who know him. To me, my dad is my hero & fishing mentor. One of my most memorable adventures of dad is when we were dry fly fishing in Maine in late spring. I was hyper-focused on my fly presentation while dad was focused on the mayflies swarming around us. I was confident we had chosen an adequate fly to match the hatch, but nothing was happening. Then, out of thin air, dad swiftly raised his hand up to catch one of the many mayflies that surrounded us. With a grin on his face and insect in hand, he asked me to inspect the fly closely and compare it to our selected pattern. I saw the difference he was referring to in size and shape which prompted the necessary change to a comparadun pattern which more accurately imitated the freshly hatched Hendrickson duns sitting on the surface. After a few casts, a fish rose to take the fly that was offered, resulting in an 18” trout, I was mesmerized! It was then that I comprehended his mastery of the ever so complex sport of fly fishing that he’s acquired with over 60 years experience with a rod in his hand. On Father’s Day I celebrate all dad’s out there who have impacted their families as much as our dad has.