Rick Hurst

Bristle Cone Pines Detour

Nearly 30 years ago, our family vacationed in the Sierras, fly fishing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. Our dad, being a geologist made sure his lectures about the rocks, land, and wildlife accompanied us at every turn. He said we could see the oldest living things, the bristle cone pines on our trip home—they were “right off the road”. Detouring from the main highway, we drove and drove, nearly 2 hours along with a 6000 foot or so elevation change. My brother and I, as well as mom, were not really happy about this. We did finally arrive—to this day this detour remains one of the funniest and dearest stories of our family that lives on. Our dad continues with his detours that often lead us to somewhere that is very memorable! Love our dad!