Robert Clemment

Timber Coulee Creek in Coon Valley

My father and his three brothers still gather in Coon Valley, Wisconsin on opening day to trout fish in the streams they fished as boys with their father and uncle. Timber Coulee Creek flows past the farms they worked, the church they attended and cemeteries where their parents, brothers and aunts and uncles are buried. The brothers range from 61 to 83 years age. They travel from South Carolina, California and Iowa to fish together every year. My brothers and I make every effort to join the outings every year and enjoy spending time with our extended family having pecan rolls, chocolate malts and beer bartered fried fish at the local restaurants. My father caught about 30 trout in this hole. I found him sitting on a log an hour later and he stated he was “Tired from bending down so much to remove trout off his line.” The cow on the far side of the stream didn’t seem bothered at all.