Robin Wilson

Captain of the river boat

Monkey’s, manatee’s, alligators, snakes and wildlife sprawl out for miles on Florida’s iconic Silver river. My father- Army Ranger Green Baret Veteran- the river boat Captain. One summer my Dad brought the whole family out on an old pontoon he had just baught and been “fixin up”. We all loaded up on the boat from the dock leaving all cares behind. Half way down the river my Dad said “oop’s the reverse just gave out on me!”. My three year old nephew yelled “look out Pa!”. We all knew he was a good Captain but the river had one heck of a current. We ended up going straight into the trees and my Dad had to get a paddle to turn the boat around. The whole family knew how strong Dad was still like he was in the Army ! The boat was fine and the family made ut back to the dock safe and sound. All thanks to my Dad- the river boat Captain.