Ron stumler

Dad and I on his 70th birthday

My dad was the dad, that everyone loved. My friends always loved to come over because my dad would teach and tell us about different tools, equipment, fixing stuff going fishing and even making homemade jams, and bbq sauce. Every weekend was like a new adventure you never knew what we were doing and he always made it fun and interesting, even making homemade ice cream and picking strawberries that was probably the best summer afternoon by far I can remember while playing outside with the water hose with about 4 of my friends down the street. We all had our own buckets and picked some beautiful red strawberries and than we washed them off and ate quite a few to. Dad got the old fashioned hand mixing ice cream maker out and showed us step by step on making ice cream. We took turns each us churning the ice cream. It was delicious and and so tasty with those fresh strawberries. We all enjoyed it and wanted to do it again the next day. That was one of the best summer days ever m.