Sam Perkins Jr.

Winter steelhead adventures

My father encouraged me to get back into fishing when I was going through some tough times. So I began fishing with him and eventually took up steelhead fishing together. We made an ice cold trip to the Erie tribs recently to try our luck. Confident in our skills now,we grinded all day for a chance at some beautiful Great lakes steelhead. It was a slow start but getting out on the river together was a reward on its own. I finally landed a fish early in the afternoon and we were ecstatic. It’s funny how roles kind of changed because my focus quickly turned and I really wanted my father to get a nice fish. After another hour of walking holes looking for a fish for him he hooked into this beauty. The fish made some awesome runs and even had him under some sheet ice for a few moments. Luckily he was able to steer this beauty out and into the net. We were lucky enough to have an angler walking down river past us to catch this moment on camera. I owe my passion for the sport to him and it has truly transformed my life. I live for moments like this, spending time on the water having a few laughs and hopefully getting into a few fish. Those two fish ended up being our only two of the day but we were more than happy with the result. We packed up late that afternoon and made the long ride home,happy as can be.