VJ Jain

Strong Mentally! Strong Intellect!

Strong. Mentally. Strong. Intellectually. The hardest worker I have seen in my life is my father! In 1975 he came to the USA (New York) with a wife and 2 kids and $0 money. He had an engineering degree, but the companies in New York would not give him an engineering job. He went to graduate school in the day (Cooper Union) and he worked as a janitor at night to support his family. He was paid less than $2 an hour. After obtaining his degree, he got an entry-level job in his engineering field. From there, he worked harder than others and was promoted every few years. When my brother and me asked for something, like expensive basketball shoes, he NEVER said No. He would give us the money and not even think that it was a waste of money. Now that I am older and married, I realize that this was very rare. I no longer buy luxury items and am very careful with my money. Even when he had nothing, his kids and wife could have what they WANTED, along with what they NEEDED. He would work extra hard to provide that luxury for us. Even now, when a friend is in need, they call him first. He helps them and expects nothing in return. He is a community hero. He works harder than anyone I have ever met. His work ethic is legendary. He embodies the American dream! STRONG…. Mentally. STRONG… Intellectually. Thank you DAD!!