Wes Morrow

11,000’ in San Juan Mountains of CO

My dad and I went up to our family cabin in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado during the fall leaf color change. We rode 4wheelers around and stopped here to take a quick pic and have a snack. I told him to stand there while I got the camera setup for the photo and when I started the countdown for the phone to take the pic, he began to move over to make room for me to get in the picture. About then, he trips over the rock next to him as he’s moving over to make room for me and the 10 photos the camera took were a slow-mo of him falling over the rock. While at 11,000 ft. up, we laughed so hard that we were out of breathe in no time. It was a moment I’ll never forget with him. Notice he’s holding his ribs in the photo cause he had just fallen on them.