William George Phipps

My Dad, My Sister & Me!

The most memorable memory is a vacation at Yellowstone. Back in the late 50s/early 60s there were still tons of bears in the park at the campgrounds. We had this little tear drop trailer that slept two and sleeping bags with cots for our parents. But the activity of the bears in the actual campground gave our mother pause. So the first night she crawled into the trailer with us & our dad had our small toy dog in the sleeping bag with him on a cot. There was a small space between his head and the picnic table. He felt the bear brush his head as he walked through that space but the dog began growling. My dad put his hand around the dogs muzzle to silence him. The bear stopped….but when the growling stopped, he continued on. We had planned several nights at Yellowstone but we left the next morning. Great memory!