William Merry

Three "Merry" Generations

My dad, “Bill” Merry is known across many miles. His belief is “everyone is welcome” Our holiday get togethers included family, of course, but also those who didn’t have a family to spend the holiday with. My dad was always the cook, dancer and intermediate when necessary. Back in the day, we had parties at his house in Woodland Hills, but my favorite times were the parties on Catalina Island when my dad would invite anyone and everyone over for a BBQ in the patio and then go to the Chi-Chi club for a night of dancing. He is 84 now and not the same, but he has touched so many lives. I have so many people reaching out to me and telling me what a great, generous and “Merry” environment he created and they recount how generous he was to them when they needed generosity. Because of him, I have learned how to treat EVERYONE, no matter their status in life, with equal respect. I love him for giving me that gift and and I love the fact that he is still hanging in to meet his Great-Grandson, who carries his name. Even if my dad doesn’t get this honor, in my book, and in so many others, he is THE BOMB!