William Slater Jr.

A Promise Fulfilled

The outdoors and fatherhood. Neither are easy to understand and both take years of persistent practice to become “somewhat” of an expert. Together though, they seem to make sense. My father, William Slater has been a true inspiration to me, not only in the outdoors world, but in life itself. We have shared so many memories in the woods, on the creeks, and on lakes. None compare to our recent trip to hunt in Argentina. Yes, traveling to South America was an adventure in itself but the trials and obstacles in the three years prior were what made the trip even more special. My father has battled cancer for years but made a promise over 3 years ago that he would take me on a big game hunt. It finally was able to happen this past year (Covid cancelled the trip twice). The hunt was fantastic and the memories will last a lifetime but the time spent with my father was what made this trip my most memorable adventure.